Over the last decade or so, numerous tech innovations have entered the consumer market, allowing regular folks everywhere to simplify and streamline their daily tasks. And if you’re like most folks, you seriously enjoy the convenience of having your devices work for you rather than the other way around.

But unless your Twin Cities home is equipped with the right electrical installations, you can’t enjoy many of the modern conveniences technological innovation has gifted us. Read on to learn about some of the most popular electrical installations you need to upgrade your home. 

Automated Interior Lighting

Is it ultra taxing to manually flip a light switch? No. But is it a major inconvenience when you’re cozied up in bed, half-asleep, and you suddenly realize you left the kitchen light on? Absolutely. That’s where automated lighting can be incredibly useful.

If you’re pondering ways to upgrade your home without investing a fortune into a centralized automation system, remote-controlled switches and dimmers offer tons of utility and they’re super affordable, too. You can operate these devices with a simple voice command or a touch of your smartphone, allowing you to remotely control your lighting from anywhere in your house.

But installing a light switch and installing light switch dimmers is no job for the DIYer. Only a licensed electrician can ensure the work is up to code and completed to the highest quality standard. 

USB Outlets

Nowadays, most of the devices we carry around with us require a charge, and to get that charge, they rely on USB cords. If you’re like most homeowners, that means keeping track of multiple adapters and often, keeping extras on hand as backups when the originals inevitably wander off. But drawers and bins full of adapters can be a thing of the past when you opt for USB outlet replacements.

With USB-equipped outlets, you can plug your charging cables directly into an in-wall receptacle. USB outlets have two receptacles for normal electrical plugs and typically, two receptacles for USB cables. That means no more ugly adapters, and no more taking up an entire outlet just to charge two tiny devices.

As with all electrical installations, performing outlet replacements is never a DIY job. Hiring a Minneapolis residential electrician is a small price to pay to ensure your household electrical system is up to code and safe for operation.

Smart Home Devices

When it comes to smart home devices that can make your life a little easier, the list is long, and it’s growing longer by the day. If you’re looking to upgrade your living space and have a relatively modest budget, many of these gadgets are well within reach.

Here’s just a handful of the most popular smart home devices you need to make your home more energy efficient, safer, and easier to operate:

●        Smart thermostat

●        Smart smoke alarm/carbon monoxide detector

●        Smart speakers or a full-blown smart sound system

●        Smart doorbell

●        Smart security cameras

●        Smart locks

Hiring a licensed electrician for these installations isn’t always necessary since some of them don’t require any dedicated wiring. But if you’re considering any of the ones that do, leave the installation to the experts.

Electric Car Charger

Don’t own an electric vehicle? Then you skip over this one. But if you currently drive an EV or see yourself driving one in the next few years, having an electric car charger at home is a major convenience.

Residential electric car charger installation allows you to top up your vehicle’s charge at any time, eliminating range anxiety and the need for pricey, time-consuming public charging. Plus, if your electric provider offers discounted rates during off-peak usage hours, you may be able to score an even more economical charge if you plug your vehicle in overnight.

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