If you own an older home, there’s a good chance some of its electrical components are no longer up to code. And if your home has already passed its 40th birthday, there’s a really good chance it’s due for rewiring. Though you may not realize it, your household electrical system wasn’t designed to last forever, and when it begins to wear out, it’ll let you know.

Rewiring your house when the need arises is the best way to protect your property and loved ones from serious electrical fire hazards. Read on to learn about the most common electrical red flags that typically indicate the need for prompt rewiring.

Flickering or Dimming Lights

If you notice any of the lights around your home randomly become brighter and dimmer without any outside influence, that’s a sign they’re receiving inconsistent voltage. Most homeowners assume the issue lies in the lightbulb, but the problem typically stems from faulty or outdated wiring or circuits.

If you’ve tried switching out the affected lightbulbs and the issue persists, it’s time to have an electrician look at your wiring. This might seem like a small issue that’s not worth much concern, but as with all electrical issues, if you ignore the problem, it’ll only get worse.

Discolored or Hot Outlets, Switches, or Plugs

If you can see discoloration or scorch marks on any of your outlet covers, light switches, or plugs, that’s a glaring sign it’s time to think about rewiring your house. Sparking and arcing are typically the culprits behind outlet and switch cover discoloration, and both phenomena are serious fire hazards.

To protect your home from a glaring electrical fire risk, call an electrician at your earliest convenience. An inspection will reveal what’s causing the discoloration, and your electrician will let you know whether rewiring is necessary. If a faulty outlet or switch is causing the problem, a quick outlet replacement or light switch installation will usually solve it. 

Frequent Tripped Breakers or Blown Fuses

Do your fuses blow or circuit breakers trip when you use too many outlets or appliances at once? That’s a sign that your electrical system isn’t equipped to handle the amount of power you need, which means it’s time to seriously think about rewiring your house.

If you’re still running your house on an old fuse box, that should probably be replaced too. It’s not absolutely imperative, but replacing fuses with circuit breakers will deliver more reliable electrical system performance and reduce your electrical maintenance costs.

Sparking or Crackling Outlets

Do you regularly see sparks fly out of your outlets when you plug things in? Or perhaps you can hear tiny crackling sounds when you insert plugs into sockets? If so, it’s time to consult with an electrician about rewiring your house.

Seeing a small blue spark come out of an outlet once in a while is almost always normal. But when sparks or crackling sounds happen regularly, those are signs of a serious wiring problem. Either the outlet itself is damaged or the wiring attached to it needs to be replaced.

Regardless of what the issue might be, in the interest of safety, call an electrician for inspection as soon as you can. He’ll inspect the offending receptacles and let you know whether outlet replacement or total rewiring is the safest course of action. 

Burned or Otherwise Damaged Insulation

You probably don’t take a look at the insulation around your wiring too often, but if you own an older home, it’s worth inspecting it. If you notice any scorch marks, dark marks, or other forms of damage that may have been caused by your wiring, that’s a major red flag that your electrical system needs a serious upgrade.

Every year, faulty and outdated wiring is the culprit behind thousands of house fires in the U.S., and if your wiring is so bad that it’s heating or burning your insulation, you have a serious hazard on your hands.

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