Electric vehicles are skyrocketing in popularity and they’re only going to become more prevalent in the coming years. If you’re considering upgrading your gas hog to a modern EV, have you thought about how you’ll charge the car so you can actually use it at your convenience?

As these vehicles grow more ubiquitous by the week, EV chargers have started popping up at homes all over Minneapolis and St. Paul. But is electric car charger installation actually a good idea? Is it a smart investment? Or are you better off relying on a charging station somewhere along your daily commute?

The experts at Harrison Electric weigh the pros and cons of home-based electric car charger installation below.

Pro: Convenience and Dependability

An at-home electric car charger is worlds more convenient than a public charging station can ever hope to be. With an at-home charger, you won’t need to wait around for a charge point or struggle to find one within your vehicle’s remaining range.

You know exactly where to find a charge, how long the charge will take, and perhaps most importantly, that your charging location is safe. Plus, you can get a charge whenever you want. If you accidentally forget to plug in your EV when you get home from work and suddenly remember right before bed, just head outside and hook it up.

If range anxiety has you white-knuckling your morning commute, it might be time to seriously consider at-home electric car charger installation.

Pro: Cost-Effective Charging

Is charging your EV in your driveway more affordable than heading to a public charging station? Absolutely. But there’s one tiny catch: Until you break even on the cost of electric car charger installation, you won’t realize those savings. Over the long term, however, at-home charging can save you a significant amount of money.

First, if you charge your electric car overnight, you’ll likely get a lower kWh rate. Many electric service providers charge higher rates during peak usage hours and lower rates when most of the city is asleep. If you’re not sure whether your provider offers this perk, call and ask. While a small rate difference may not seem like much initially, the savings can really add up over time. 

Pro: Higher Property Value

Electric vehicles are here to stay, and as more people make the switch, the demand for at-home chargers will inevitably increase. Why not be an early adopter?

At-home electric car charger installation is a long-term investment. It won’t just pay off when it comes to your EV’s operating expenses; it’ll also add value to your home should you ever choose to sell the place.

Pro: Tax Credit

When you opt for home-based electric car charger installation, you get to claim a nice tax credit at the end of the year! Who doesn’t love a break on their taxes? Combine that nice chunk of savings with the money you’ll save on charging and the value you’ll add to your home, and a home-based charger is basically a no-brainer.

Drawback: Potentially Lengthy Charging Times

There are plenty of at-home chargers on the market, but that doesn’t mean they’ll all live up to your expectations. If you select a charger that doesn’t do its job very quickly, you’ll be waiting quite a while to top off your EVs battery. But this drawback is totally avoidable if you know what to look for!

Curious what that might be? Check out our tips for choosing the right electric car charger speed for your home.

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