If you moved into a house with a hot tub or had a spa installed years ago, it’s important to keep an eye on the hot tub wiring to make sure it’s not putting your safety at risk. Like all things, wiring deteriorates over time, and when it comes to outdoor hot tubs, that process can occur more rapidly than with indoor wiring.

To help you keep your family safe, the experts at Harrison Electric share serious hot tub wiring dangers every spa owner should keep an eye out for.

Improperly Placed Disconnect Switch

Your hot tub must have a service disconnect switch through which it receives power. That switch allows you to turn the hot tub on and off, and it must be located, at the very least, five feet from the edge of the hot tub. If it’s any closer, hot tub occupants can potentially reach over and touch the switch while they’re still partially in the water.

If those occupants happen to make contact with any part of the circuit while they’re still partially in the water and touching the switch, they could get electrocuted. That’s why the five-foot rule is incredibly important. If you think your disconnect switch is too close to your spa, have a hot tub electrician reposition it as soon as you can.

Spa Pack Wiring Problems

If your hot tub is outdoors, the wiring may be vulnerable to wear-and-tear over time. Though you might not notice any red flags now, take a minute to look at the spa pack wiring somewhere around the bottom of the tub. Keep an eye out for the following issues:

●        Signs of insects

●        Evidence of rodents

●        Bare terminals

●        Damaged or sliced wiring

●        Deteriorated wire coatings

If you notice even minor signs of wiring damage or deterioration, call an electrician. Even one bad ground can potentially end in disaster.

Inadequate Power Supply

If you moved into a house with a hot tub and the spa is constantly tripping the breaker, that’s a major hazard. When a breaker trips every now and then, it’s probably not a problem, but when the issue is chronic, inadequate power supply may be the culprit.

Failing hot tub components can also cause a breaker to trip repeatedly, but you won’t know what the problem is without an inspection. Call a licensed hot tub electrician who can assess the wiring and recommend the safest course of action. Depending on the age of your home, you may need an electrical panel wiring upgrade.  

Improper Bonding or Grounding

Proper bonding and grounding are absolutely critical for hot tub electrical safety. All metal, current-carrying components of the hot tub setup should be properly bonded with copper wire and bonded back to the electrical panel appropriately. In the event of an electrical short, the bonding prevents electrical current from traveling into the hot tub.

Grounding is another critical element of any hot tub wiring setup as it’s designed to direct electricity into the ground in the event of an emergency. Ground wiring should accompany all current-carrying wires involved in the hot tub’s operation and that wiring should also connect to a ground screw and a ground bar in the breaker box.

If you suspect you may have an issue with grounding or bonding of your hot tub wiring, it’s best to stop using your spa until a licensed hot tub electrician can inspect it. If there’s a problem, he can likely take care of it on the spot. 

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