A current design trend with new homes and remodels is to install ceiling fans rather than lighting globes. In some situations the choice seems simple, a fan simply provides more options for both air flow and lighting and is therefore the obvious choice. In some cases, however, more thought goes into the final decision. You don’t have to be an architect to make the final determination as to which will best serve your needs. Consider the pro’s and cons of each to make a decision as to which one you may want in each of the rooms in your house.


Price is always a consideration when determining how you want to build (or improve) your home. In the situation of determining whether to install a ceiling fan or lighting globe, price may come into play differently than you expect. Since both can start fairly inexpensive for a basic model or become quite pricey according to individual tastes, the base price of the unit really isn’t a determining factor.

The price difference comes with installation costs as a ceiling fan is a bit more difficult to install. There are more parts to assemble and the fixture is simply heavier, requiring more time and work to put in place properly. But again, for what you want in your home the additional expense of installation tends to be negligible in the scheme of things.

The real consideration in price is that these items tend to go up exponentially with style and quality. Sometimes you can find a top of the line light fixture in the same price range as a mid-line ceiling fan.

Design Aesthetic

The fixture plays an integral role in the overall room design. A ceiling fan is going to lower the ceiling and make the room feel smaller in terms of perception. This is fine in most rooms. It can make the room feel more comfortable and intimate. A graceful ceiling lighting globe can make the room feel more elegant and graceful. This is a simple design choice based on how you want to present your home.


The final choice comes down to your personal preference. Some people can’t imagine a room without direct air flow from a fan. Others prefer air passage without a direct breeze. Consider what you want and need in the room and discuss it with your electrician to decide on what you think will work best.