If you’re planning on installing recessed lighting fixtures, you need to know a thing or two about proper placement. While these versatile and unobtrusive lights don’t necessarily have a commanding visual presence, if you place them poorly, they can absolutely kill the mood in your room.

Many well-intentioned Twin Cities homeowners opt to implement can lights for the warm ambiance they can create. But those lights can’t do their job properly without a strategic design plan in place. Before you buy your lights or hire a Minneapolis electrician to install them, read on for a few valuable placement tips you should know.

Spotlight Notable Objects

Installing recessed lighting is an excellent way to highlight certain areas, objects, or fixtures in your home. Since can lights emit a unidirectional stream of light that extends in a vertical line away from the fixture itself, you can use them as spotlights to help a room’s most impressive features stand out. 

A spotlight draws viewers’ eyes directly to the illuminated object, providing a visually appealing twist on the rather ho-hum, traditional even grid of downward ceiling lighting. If you have any unique floor sculptures, furniture, or visually striking greenery in your house, consider using recessed lighting to make it pop.

Use Wall-Washer Fixtures to Draw Attention Away From the Light Itself

Recessed lighting isn’t exactly a show-stopping fixture in and of itself. After all, it’s basically a can with a lightbulb pushed up inside your ceiling. But it’s not designed to draw attention to itself; rather, it’s designed to draw attention to whatever it illuminates — and that can be just about anything you desire, including your walls.

Wall-washer recessed lighting fixtures are excellent for creating a broad swath of illumination to highlight artwork. They typically sit about 18-24 inches from a wall and rather than delivering a downward stream of light, they bounce light off the wall.

When you reflect light off a vertical surface in the room, it not only illuminates that surface but also the ambient space nearby. Ultimately, the light directs viewers’ attention to the space rather than the light fixture itself. 

Select the Right Bulb Color

Before you opt for a specific type of bulb, test the color to make sure it delivers the kind of ambiance you’re going for. Incandescents and halogens tend to deliver a warmer glow, while most LEDs err on the whiter side of the spectrum.

If you want a warm glow and are determined to stick with the most energy-efficient bulb on the market, you can achieve a good degree of warmth by opting for 2,700K LEDs. While the light won’t perfectly mimic the warmth of soft white incandescents, it’ll look pretty similar.

Seriously Consider Installing Light Switch Dimmers

Having the ability to adjust the intensity of the lights around your house is paramount for creating the kind of ambiance you want to achieve. Plus, when you dim a bulb by just 10%, you automatically extend its lifespan — dimmers are a win-win all around. 

If you’re installing lighting in a new house, seriously consider having your electrician install light switch dimmers on just about every light in your home. If you’re renovating a home, replacing all your switches with dimmers may not be feasible, but you should absolutely consider dimmers for any recessed lights you plan to install.

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