Do you need to enhance security around your Minneapolis or St. Paul property? Installing outdoor light fixtures is an excellent way to accomplish that. At Harrison Electric, our licensed electricians can install new wiring for any security lighting you’d like to implement. We can also give you recommendations on the best type of lighting to suit your needs and budget.

Continue reading to learn about a few of the most popular outdoor lighting options and how they help improve security around your home.

Timed Lighting

Timed lighting is programmable, which means you get to determine the schedule on which your security lighting turns on and off. Homeowners with timed security lighting typically set their systems to turn on at dusk and remain on until sunrise.

Installing timed lighting is an excellent way to help control monthly electrical costs, and when you opt for LED bulbs over incandescents or halogen bulbs, you’ll save even more. Because you’ll need dedicated electrical wiring to install timed security lighting, you’ll need to schedule an appointment with a licensed electrician for installing these light fixtures

Your electricians can also give you recommendations on other outdoor lighting fixtures that can further enhance the security of your property. 

Motion-Activated Lighting

If you’re looking for a highly energy-efficient outdoor security lighting option, motion-activated lighting will serve you well. Since these light fixtures only operate when they detect motion within their range — which is usually around 10 feet — they use very little electricity.

These fixtures typically do not operate during the day, even when there’s motion on the premises, because they contain photocells that detect daylight. However, certain motion lights have an adjustable feature, which you can set for daytime operation.

As with timed lighting, you’ll need to hire a licensed electrician to install new wiring for your motion-activated security lights. 

Flood Lighting

Floodlights are an excellent way to enhance security around your property as they’re designed to illuminate large areas. Most homeowners choose to install floodlighting near critical security areas, such as garage doors, pool areas, and exterior entryways. Since these areas are the most vulnerable entry points that vandals and thieves tend to target, they should be properly illuminated throughout the night.

With floodlighting, you have a few different options, including solar, halogen, or high-intensity discharge (HID) lighting. Solar and halogen are common in residential properties, while HID lighting is more common in commercial areas.

If you own a very large piece of property, HID lighting can be a great option as it’s extremely bright and illuminates a much larger area than standard floodlights can. If you’re looking for the most cost-effective, energy-efficient option, go with solar. If you’re just looking for standard floodlights, halogen is the most traditional option.

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