For most homeowners, power outages are highly inconvenient, and for some, they can be downright dangerous. Not only are more and more people working and learning from home these days, but many people also rely on electricity-dependent medical equipment to get them through the day.

Fortunately, installing a home generator will ensure your power supply remains active even when everyone else’s lights go out. At Harrison Electric, we understand many homeowners can’t afford to lose their power supply, so we’ve outlined why installing a home generator is an excellent choice if you’re one of those individuals.

1. Uninterrupted Internet

Just about everyone relies on the internet for something these days, whether it’s work, school, or communication. But when the power goes down, you can kiss your internet goodbye, and you never know when it’ll come back online.

Installing a home generator is the only way to ensure your internet connection remains stable even in the event of a power outage. With ever-increasing numbers of people working and learning from home these days, an electrical backup system is a worthwhile consideration for every home.

2. They Can Save You Money

As a homeowner, saving money is a priority, and investing in a backup power system can help contribute to this. With a continual supply of backup power even when your main power source fails, items like refrigerators and freezers will still run, allowing you to not lose money on spoiled food.

In addition, if your life relies on having a constant power source to create or sell a product, it's essential that you have a backup system in place. Having another option available can help prevent any disruptions by making sure that you can access what you need and when you need it for your business.

3. Your Security System Won't Go Down

Your security system is essential for keeping your home safe, and in most cases, when the power goes out, individuals don't always think about the system not working either. This is especially concerning if you live in an area prone to higher crime rates because without the system up and running, your property will be more susceptible to intruders.

4. It Can Help Reduce Damage to Your Home

Some items must be working 24/7 to keep your home from sustaining damage, like a sump pump to help reduce or prevent water damage if there is a storm. If you are in inclement weather, it can be an extreme situation where the heater or air conditioner needs to keep running to keep your family safe. Power outages can last for days at times, so having another option in place means more peace of mind.

5. Increases the Value of Your Property

One of the most significant benefits of having a different system is that it can help increase your home's value. This could be a very appealing option because it means that any future buyers also don't have to worry about not being able to utilize essential items in the home.

6. No Downtime When the Power Goes Out

When the power goes down, a whole-house generator kicks in within a matter of seconds. It immediately detects the power loss and begins running to prevent an electrical service interruption.

When the power comes back on, the generator continues to run for a few minutes to ensure the power supply is stable. Once it detects a stable supply of electricity, it then powers down and recharges itself.

Whether you work from home, homeschool your kids, or rely on critical machinery or appliances, installing a home generator is essential if you would like uninterrupted electrical service no matter what.

7. Keep Critical Machinery Running

Many people depend on critical pieces of machinery, such as CPAP machines, electric mobility devices, home dialysis equipment, and oxygen tanks. As anyone who relies on electricity-dependent medical equipment knows, the need for that machinery doesn’t stop when the power goes out.

Installing a home generator is the best way to ensure that individuals who require such equipment are able to use it even in the event of a power outage. While backup batteries are certainly effective, they only hold a charge for a few hours, and when the power is down, recharging them is impossible without a backup system.

8. Enjoy Normal Conveniences

You rely on your refrigerator, freezer, air conditioner, heater, and a variety of other electricity-dependent appliances on a daily basis. But when the power goes out? You lose the ability to use those appliances as you normally would — unless you have a backup generator. Worse, you never know how long the power will remain out, which means you could wait several hours or days to get back to your regularly scheduled activities.

Want to keep up with your normal routine even in the event of an extended power outage? Then installing a home generator is the best way to do that.

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