Every year, electricity is the culprit behind over 51,000 house fires, approximately 1,000 deaths, and more than 30,000 reported injuries in the United States. That’s why having a properly installed and well-maintained electrical system is absolutely paramount. At Harrison Electric, we know it’s easy to overlook many seemingly simple household electrical problems, but that’s a major misstep and potentially, one that could cost you your house or even your life.

To help keep you and your loved ones safe, we’ve listed X household electrical situations that require the immediate attention of an emergency electrician — no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

When Circuit Breakers or Fuses Keep Tripping

It’s normal for circuit breakers or fuses to trip every now and then, but if it happens frequently, you’ve got a problem on your hands. Usually, constantly tripping breakers or fuses are signs that your system isn’t designed to handle the amount of power you need, but that’s not always the case, so take caution.

To find out what’s causing the issue, contact an emergency electrician who can inspect the system for installation flaws or deteriorated components. If you live in an older home that still has a fuse box, you’ll get better electrical performance by replacing fuses with circuit breakers.

When Outlets or Light Switches Are Warm to the Touch

If any of the receptacles or switches around your house feel warm to the touch, there’s a solid chance you have an electrical problem on your hands. A properly installed electrical system shouldn’t produce noticeable heat anywhere, so contact an electrician for an inspection at your earliest convenience.

When Outlets Spark or Shock You

If you ever see a spark come out of an outlet or feel a mild shock when you plug something in, contact an emergency electrician immediately. Do not touch or use the outlet and never attempt to locate or repair the problem yourself! Spark- or shock-producing outlets typically have major wiring issues that result in electrical arcing, a dangerous situation that can cause serious injury or even death. Never ignore this problem! 

When You’re Lights Frequently Flicker or Dim

If your lights flicker or dim and there’s no storm happening outside, that’s never a good sign. Generally, lighting acts up when there’s too much current demand on the electrical system, and excessive current draw can cause a house fire in a hurry, so never take this issue lightly.

If you use a high-wattage appliance and you notice the strobe show, that’s a solid sign your wiring isn’t designed to handle the amount of power draw you need. To avoid electrical shock or fires, contact an emergency electrician who can install dedicated circuits for your power-hungry appliances. 

When You Hear Buzzing or Humming

If you can hear a buzzing or humming noise emanating from your breaker box or from within your walls, you’ve likely got a problem on your hands. No electrical system should make audible noise, regardless of how much current you draw at any particular point in time, so if yours does, you’re likely dealing with a wiring issue. Generally, humming and buzzing sounds are caused by a few different wiring problems, including:

●        A current overload at the circuit breaker

●        Improperly grounded wires

●        Poorly installed circuitry

●        A household leak that causes water to drip on wires

●        An anomaly in your electrical system or in your service area

If you hear buzzing or humming, never try to locate or repair the problem yourself. Since you won’t how severe the issue is without a professional evaluation, contact an emergency electrician at your earliest convenience. 

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