Summer is here in full force in the Twin Cities, and for many homeowners and their families, that means spending significantly more time outdoors. But watch out! If you’re unaware of potential electrical hazards in your own backyard, you may be inadvertently compromising you and your loved ones’ safety. What kind of electrical hazards should you keep an eye out for during the summer months? The experts at Harrison Electric have the details below.

Power Lines and Tree Limbs

Regardless of their condition, power lines are inherently dangerous, but when tree limbs encroach upon those lines, the potential for danger grows exponentially. If you notice tree branches growing dangerously close to the power lines near your home, don’t try to trim the branches yourself! Instead, contact your local utility company or municipality and inform them of the potential hazard. They should promptly send out technicians to trim back the offending trees.  

Swimming Pool Electrical Work

If you have an in-ground pool, the electrical work within it can present a hazard if you’re not diligent about performing inspections. Pumps, underwater lights, and filters all require electricity to function, and these pool components should be examined and maintained at regular intervals.

Without routine attention, even a single faulty wire can send dangerous electrical current into your pool water, and unfortunately, you may not learn of the danger until it’s too late. If you haven’t had your pool’s electrical work examined recently, schedule an inspection with a residential electrician at your earliest convenience.

Small Appliances and Tools

We all know electrical appliances and water do not mix, so if you plan on taking corded, small appliances outdoors, keep them several feet away from all water sources. The same goes for corded power tools: don’t use them near water and avoid operating electric tools outdoors on damp or rainy days.

Non-GFCI Outlets

The National Electrical Code mandates that all outdoor outlets must be GFCI receptacles to protect against electrical shock. If you’re unsure whether your home has GFCI outlets outdoors, simply examine each outlet for “test” and “reset” buttons. If you don’t see these buttons on your outdoor receptacles, they must be replaced by a residential electrician — not only for your safety but also to ensure you avoid code violations.

Need a Licensed Electrician? Contact Harrison Electric

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