Can faulty wiring cause your summer energy bills to skyrocket? You bet it can — and at Harrison Electric, we’re here to help you solve the problem. When it comes to household wiring systems, identifying inefficient electrical components can be a challenge for the average homeowner. Below, we’ve outlined wiring issues to watch for if your summer energy bills are rising out of control.

Damaged or Deteriorating Wiring

Your wiring doesn’t necessarily have to be old to experience damage or deterioration. In fact, there are numerous causes of wiring damage — even in electrical systems that are just a few years old. These include:

●        Excessive UV exposure

●        Moisture within the wall insulation that surrounds the wiring

●        Continual electrical overloading

●        Mice and other rodents eating through wires

●        Wiring overheating

●        Mechanical failure

When your wiring is either deteriorating or outright damaged, it can cause your appliances and devices to draw excess electricity, which hikes up your electrical bills. Worse, excess power can also heat your appliances to dangerous levels, resulting in short-circuiting and ultimately, failure.

To check for wiring damage, start with your attic and crawl space or basement. Damage in these areas typically goes unnoticed, since these spaces usually see little use. If you locate any frayed or otherwise damaged wiring, you’ll need to have a residential electrician replace it promptly. 

Faulty Thermostat Installation

Does your home feature central heat and air? If so, the wiring within your HVAC system may be the culprit behind your exorbitant energy bills. Though it’s not common, faulty HVAC wiring installation can cause both the air conditioning and heating systems to run concurrently. And when your system draws double the amperage it’s supposed to, it’ll obviously affect your electrical bills.

HVAC wiring, like the wiring that feeds the rest of your home, can also experience damage and deterioration. So even if faulty thermostat installation isn’t the culprit, unseen wiring damage might be. The most reliable way to determine whether your thermostat was properly wired is to opt for an electrical inspection. And as mentioned, if you suspect wiring damage, you can have an electrician inspect and replace the offending components. 

Old Wiring in Your House

Old, outdated wiring isn’t just inefficient; it’s a safety hazard, too. That’s because antiquated wiring was never designed to handle modern-day household power consumption. When too much electrical load is placed on an outdated wiring system, that load can cause a variety of problems, including energy leakage, which drives up total power consumption.

If your home is older than 30 years, and your energy costs are higher than normal, schedule a wiring inspection with a licensed electrician. Depending on the extent of the outdated wiring within your walls (assuming your home contains it), your electrician may recommend partial rewiring or rewiring of the entire house.

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