With the weather warming up, you may be feeling the home improvement bug. In fact, where ever you go around your home, you may see things that need improving to enhance your curb appeal, but you don’t have the money in the budget to pay for renovations. You can improve the look and feel of your home by strategically incorporating lights.

Know When to Use Hard and Soft Lights

Lights provide you with the ability to see. They also illuminate different aspects of your home and cause shadows to fall on other areas. If you do not notice these subtle aspects of lighting in your home, you may think your interiors look drab when you only need to improve your lighting. 

Uncovered, single bulbs create hard light, while soft light is the light you get from lamps with shades that diffuse the light. You should only use hard light to accent areas in your home and use soft light to illuminate the room. By strategically doing this, you prevent shadows that date your interiors, and you highlight the most aesthetically appealing features in your home.

Layer Your Lights to Achieve the Best Balance

The way your rooms in your home appear affects how you feel, so you want to make sure that you create an atmosphere that is comfortable. One of the best ways to balance your lights is to layer your lights—have multiple sources for lights in one room. You should strive to cover most of the corners of a room and then balance that light with accent lamps strategically placed throughout the room.

A balanced approach to lighting prevents the rooms in your home from being too bright, which can make you feel as if you are in a clinical setting. Not only will it be too bright, but you wouldn’t be able to completely enjoy your home because the bright lights throughout your home can strain your eyes.

You don’t have to spend thousands renovating your home to get the look you want. Changing the lights in your home so that they highlight your décor and provide you with low, diffused light for intimate settings will help you renew the look of your home’s interiors.