The modern home features a wide variety of high-value electrical appliances that are subject to damage without proper protection. At Harrison Electric, we know your appliances are valuable investments, and we also know that damaging electrical surges are more common than you might realize. In fact, the average home experiences approximately 20 voltage spikes every day. For the best protection against these potentially damaging power surges, whole-house surge protection is key. Curious what it is and whether your home needs it? Let’s take a look. 

What is Whole-House Surge Protection?

whole-house surge protector functions to protect your entire home from power surges (voltage spikes) by blocking excess voltage or directing it away from your home and toward the ground. Unlike point-of-use surge protectors, a whole-house system hardwires directly into the circuits of your electrical panel. Because it connects directly into your electrical system, the device functions to protect every circuit and outlet in your home, giving you superior protection for large appliances and electronics.  

What Causes Power Surges? Are They Actually Damaging?

Power surges occur when the electrical flow is suddenly interrupted, then immediately restored. When this occurs, excess current flows through your electrical system, overloading your circuits and outlets. There are two types of electrical surges: internal and external.

●        Internal surges. These surges originate within a home’s electrical system and on average, occur up to 20 times a day, even though they may not be noticeable. Large appliances such as refrigerators can generate internal surges when they cycle on and off, forcing extra electrical load back into your home’s system. When this happens, anything plugged into an outlet is susceptible to damage.

●        External surges. External voltage spikes are far more damaging than internal surges due to the incredible electrical load they force into your home’s wiring. These surges are often generated by lightning strikes, trees falling on power lines, or electrical grid problems. Unless you have surge protection, these power spikes can render your electronics inoperable.

 How Does Whole-House Surge Protection Safeguard Your Home?

Electricity always follows the path of least resistance to the ground, and whole-house surge protectors operate according to this phenomenon. Because they’re wired into your home’s electrical panel, they provide a low-impedance path from your home to the ground. When excess electrical current passes through the wiring, the surge protector drains that current from the circuit and directs it away from your home, toward the ground.

For the best protection, it’s smart to implement point-of-use surge protectors in combination with a whole-house system. Depending on the system, whole-house protectors often allow lower voltage currents to pass through the system unchecked. Typically, whole-house systems are designed to redirect surges that exceed 300 to 500 volts; however, many lower-voltage power spikes occur throughout the day. To protect your electronics from these less severe voltage spikes, you’ll need a point-of-use protector.

Protect Your Home With Harrison Electric

Whole-house surge protector installation from Harrison Electric is a smart choice for any homeowner in the Twin Cities. You’ve invested in quality appliances and electronics, and to safeguard those investments, it’s time to invest in superior protection. With over 100 years of combined experience among our team, you can rest assured we’ll provide you with industry-leading service and product installation to protect the things you value most. To learn more about our electrical services or to schedule your appointment, give us a call at 763-544-3300, or you can message us on our contact page.