With the hurricane season quickly approaching, you may be worried about what you are going to do if you experience a power outage as a result of a storm. Although eating by candlelight is romantic when done voluntarily, it’s less appealing when you are forced to do so because you lack power. 

Additionally, the lack of power in your home exposes your family to potential dangers since your alarm systems will not work in the event of an outage. Fortunately, you can install an electrical backup system in your home to ensure your family’s protection after an outage.

Invest in a Stationary Whole-House Generator

Many people rely on electricity to sustain their life so when they experience an outage that lasts for days, it can mean the difference between life and death. Whole-house generators aptly eliminate the lack of power for many people with medical conditions. These generators connect directly to the wiring in your home so that you have the option to power your entire home and live normally during an outage. Natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas power these generators, allowing you to easily keep your generator running as long as you need it.

Incorporate Solar Panels Into the Design of Your Home

Incorporating renewable energy into the power structure of your home is good for the environment and it helps you save money. Additionally, adopting a renewable energy source like solar panels, will provide you with power during an outage. They also help you achieve energy independence by harnessing the power from the sun during the day and powering your house at night. With the appropriate type and number of solar panels, you can consistently power your home at night to save money on your electrical bill throughout the year.

Install Tesla’s Home Battery

Tesla, among other things, is an innovative energy company that recently announced a home battery. The battery stores solar energy during the day and recharges from the grid at night, when the cost of using electrical energy is low. The largest Powerwall, Tesla’s home battery, is a 10-kilowatt-hour battery. Based on an average home’s energy consumption, you may receive a little over three hours of energy from the battery, which makes it a good option for a backup power source.

Instead of waiting for something to go wrong with the electricity in your home, you can take a proactive position and install one of the many options for an electrical backup system. With the appropriate system in place for your family, you wouldn’t have to worry about your family’s security during an outage.