Who loves saving money? You? Electrical upgrades can help with that. The average American spends just over $100 per month on their electric bill, and while that may not seem substantial, over time, the numbers can really add up. If the total on your monthly electricity statement is higher than you’d like it to be, a few small electrical tweaks can make a substantial difference. How? The experts at Harrison Electric in Plymouth, Minn. are here to explain.

Get an Inspection

If your electrical bill sounds outrageous and you know you don’t use that much power every month, faulty wiring may be the culprit. Damaged wiring can cause energy leakage by creating shorts in the system. If there’s a short, your devices and appliances will draw more power from the system just to function normally, which in turn, increases your electric bill. A licensed electrician can inspect your home’s wiring to locate any electrical shorts that may be causing energy to drain. If the inspection reveals faulty wiring, you’ll need to have it replaced immediately, if not for your bank account’s sake, then your safety’s.

Install Dimmable Lighting

If you’re the type to leave a light on in every room, installing light switch dimmers can put more money back in your pocket. If you just can’t stand the dark, dimmable lighting allows you to customize the intensity of light in each room; the dimmer the light, the more dollars you save. Some dimmers even sense motion, automatically adjusting to your presence or lack thereof. Combine these dimmers with energy-efficient LED bulbs, and the cost savings can really add up.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

This handy gadget can save you a lot of money if you routinely forget to adjust your thermostat before leaving the house. How much can your forgetful ways cost you? The average central AC unit draws anywhere from 3000 to 5000 watts of power, and at a cost of around 13 cents per kilowatt-hour, that works out to around 46 cents per hour. Each time you forget to adjust the thermostat before you leave for work, you waste about $4. Over the course of one month, that could add an extra $100 to your electric bill! To install a smart thermostat, you’ll need to call a licensed electrician to have it safely wired into your existing electrical work.   

Locate Drafty Areas

Your heating and air conditioning system is the most energy-expensive appliance in your home. If you’re diligent about adjusting the temperature before you leave the house, but your electric bill is still sky-high, drafts may be the culprit. When the temperature-controlled air you pay for somehow escapes your home, your system has to work overtime just to maintain a comfortable temperature. To ease the strain on your system (and your wallet), use weatherstripping to help prevent air leakage around doors and windows. Double-paned windows may also be a wise investment.

Consider Ceiling Fans

They may be considered old school, but ceiling fans still have their place in the modern home. Installing ceiling fans in strategic areas helps circulated temperature-controlled air more efficiently, saving you money on your monthly utility bills. According to the United States Department of Energy, combining air conditioning with a ceiling fan allows you to increase your thermostat setting by about four degrees—without changing the perceived comfort level. Do that every day, and over time, a few simple ceiling fans can save you substantial cash.

Electrical Upgrades in the Twin Cities Metro Area

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