Have you recently rearranged your bedroom and found there isn’t an outlet on the wall where your TV is located? Have you noticed there isn’t enough outlet space in your bathroom each morning? Whether you’ve owned your home for 25 years or have recently purchased, you will typically find that certain elements need to be updated for practical and convenient reasons. This includes the number of electrical outlets in the home.

There may be too few for all of your kitchen appliances, or there may not be enough to properly set up your entertainment system.

Adding Outlets is Worth the Investment

A shortage of outlets will be an ongoing source of annoyance or outright aggravation every time you try to plug something into the wall. You'll end up needing to run extension cords all over the house, creating a trip hazard. Therefore, it’s worth the investment for a trained Harrison Electric electrician install new outlets throughout your home.

A professional outlet installation also ensures your home’s circuits can handle the expected load increase. Your home’s former wiring may not be able to handle the increase in electricity usage with new outlets, so an electrician will have to run circuit tests.

It's Worth it to Go Ahead and Upgrade Those Circuits

If you're told that upgraded circuits are required in your home, you should definitely authorize the work. There's little point in having more outlets if using them all at once is just going to trip your breakers. Letting the electrician make the needed upgrades will ensure your house's electricity is both safe and easy to use. In some cases, you'll need more circuits instead of (or along with) upgraded ones. This is another change you should go ahead and authorize.

Sometimes, you may need a special circuit added. This is especially likely if you want to add large appliances that weren't there before, such as dishwashers, clothes washers, and dryers. These appliances draw more power than small ones or lamps, so they won't run on a typical 15-amp household circuit.

If you need a residential electrician in or around Minneapolis or Plymouth, Minnesota, contact Harrison Electric today. We'll be glad to help make your house as useful as it should be.