It is recommended that both homes and businesses use surge protectors. There are two different types of surge protectors. This includes a whole home or building surge protector and an outlet or strip surge protector. A whole home or building surge protector protects the entire building or home, whereas an outlet or strip surge protector just protects the items that are plugged into the surge-protected outlet or strip. If you are considering getting and using a surge protector, you may wonder why it is important to have one. Here are two reasons ways surge protectors can help you.

Surge Protectors Protect Your Electronic Devices

One of the reasons why both whole home surge protectors and outlet surge protectors are important is because they both can protect your electronic devices. This includes anything plugged into an outlet, such as your television, computers, tablets, and a charging cell phone. If a surge of electricity races through the outlet, it can damage the items that are plugged in.

A surge protector prevents against power surges by absorbing increased power, rather than transferring it through to your plugged in electric items. This ensures all of your electric items are protected against power surges and the damage they can do.

Surge Protectors Protect Your Electrical System

Surge protectors can protect your electrical system against damaging power surges. Only a whole home or whole building surge protector can do this. Outlet surge protectors or strip protectors protect the items plugged into them, not your entire electrical system. Unexpected power surges can be damaging to your electrical system. They can damage your fuses or circuits. Lightning strikes and power outages can cause these unexpected power surges. A whole home surge protector is able to absorb this initial volt of electricity, preventing damage to your home or building's electrical system.

Strip or outlet surge protectors are easy to install yourself. You simply plug them into an existing outlet. Whole home or building surge protectors are more challenging to install yourself. They require the assistance of an electrician.

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