Lighting can be as simple as an overhead fixture and a bedside lamp. However, there is typically more involved to provide a comfortable room which is well lit, efficiently, without being over lit. The only thing that is worse than a blindingly bright room is stumbling around in the dark. With just a bit of thought and consideration of lighting styles, maybe a discussion with an experienced electrician, you can develop the rooms in your home to be not just comfortable but inviting.


Ambient lighting is provided by a discreet source that fills the room with a low level dim light. Traditionally this would be provided by plug in lamps resting on a table in the corner of the room. Modern homes have more options, LED lights inside built in cabinetry, for example, or permanent wall sconces that take the place of table lamps.


Although accent lighting serves a technically different purpose, it typically provides ambient lighting as well. The light in an aquarium or a specifically placed light to illuminate your favorite piece of artwork help create a focal point while providing illumination throughout the room.


Natural light is arguably the most comfortable and relaxing of the light sources. A properly designed building should have windows that allow light in without a blinding glare. Unfortunately, the sun can’t be relied to provide light on rainy days, so an interior lighting design plan is still required. As a supplemental light source, natural light can reduce energy bills and bring a clean sense of outdoors inside.


Specific lighting is what you use to perform a single task. The light over your stove, a crafts area or a specific light next to your reading chair are examples of specific lighting. These are often chosen for functionality over aesthetics, but there’s no need to make that compromise with the options available these days. Ask your electrical contractor for advice as he’s sure to know just what will work and look great.


Overhead lighting is the most common and useful of lighting styles, as it essentially performs all the other lighting tasks. Although you may change the setup once you sit down to relax, overhead lighting is likely what you use upon returning home or preparing to leave. Nearly every room has it, it’s easily accessible with a wall switch, and thousands of different designs guarantee one will fit the décor of your room.