An outlet may not always be where you need it to be. When this happens, you may have to rearrange your space so you have access to an existing outlet or use an extension cord. The final option is to add a new outlet to the space where you want it. It’s always wise to leave all electrical work to a trained electrician. Here are the steps an electrical contractor follows when adding a new electrical outlet to your home:

1.      Determining If an Outlet Can Be Added

The first step that an electrician will take when adding an electrical outlet is determining whether an outlet can be added where you want it. Building codes must be followed when adding an outlet. Outlets cannot be added too close to water sources or gas lines. Additionally, an electrician must ensure that adding an outlet will not overload the circuit or fuse in the room, or your circuits and fuses will constantly be popping or breaking.

2.      Cutting Out the Hole in the Wall

Once it’s determined an outlet can be added, an electrician will use an electric stud finder to determine exactly where to position the outlet. Using an electric box as a guide, they will then draw the shape of the box on your wall and cut out the drywall. This hole is where your outlet will be placed.

3.      Locating an Existing Outlet

Once they are inside of the wall, an electrician will find the nearest existing outlet. Sometimes it is to the right or left of the new outlet, while other times it is behind the new outlet.

4.      Feeding in New Wires And Connect Them

Once the electrician has located the nearest outlet, they will turn off the power. They will then feed wires through the nearest outlet and connect them to the new outlet. Feeding the wires through the existing outlet allows your new outlet to draw power from the existing power source.

5.      Mounting the New Electrical Box

After the wires are fed through, they will be fed into the electrical box. The wires will then be connected and the electrical box will be mounted. You now have a new outlet.

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