If the light over the dining table is flickering, but no wind is blowing outside your home, this is an indication there is a loose connection somewhere in the line. While giving the bulb a twist is often the solution, only a qualified electrician, like the ones at Harrison Electric, Inc., will be able to provide a safe solution when the obvious fix doesn’t work.

It's Not the Light Bulb: What Now?

A flicker in the light indicates that the electricity flowing from your electrical panel encountered a break in the line. It could be that a connection inside the lift fixture from the switch to a grounding screw has worked its way loose or the circuit breaker in the panel is failing. If your home is over 50 years old, insulation around the wire may be worn away which can allow the wire to short against another metal surface.

If you have ever had a mouse inside your home, it could also be the cause of the problem. Rodents are attracted to the hum and heat created by electrical wiring, so they nibble the wires to make nests.

Aging Hidden Connections and Wires are an Unknown Hazard

Every home undergoes upgrades and additions to the electrical design over the years. However, with each change, the chance for a connection to become loose or hazardous increases. In older farmhouses and brownstones, you may even have ancient wiring known as, knob and tube, hiding in the walls. As the house shifts and settles, wires that were previously secure may come into contact with another wire, duct, or even a nail and create a short, which can result in flickering lights. It takes a trained detective to discover the real problem.

A Licensed Electrician Can Find the Problem and Fix It

Your local electrician has been trained to protect themselves and your home while inspecting and repairing the wiring in your home. In order to fix the flickering, the electrician will start at the fixture and check all of its connections, follow the problem to the outlet, and then check the connection at the box. They will take the time to check other lights and outlets in the home and track down the location of the short. Solutions may be as simple as tightening a screw or running new wires into a room.

When you need help with an intermittent electrical issue in the Twin Cities, get it fixed the first time by contacting us at Harrison Electric, Inc. today.