You’ve probably noticed the tiny blue spark that occurs whenever you plug or unplug a gadget from an electrical outlet. In most cases the sparks are harmless. However, if the sparks increase in size or severity, it may be time for you to call Harrison Electric. A certified electrician can inspect your wall outlets or appliances to determine what the problem is. Below are some of the reasons why you see blue sparks and how hazardous they may or may not be.

Plugging a Powerful Device in Quickly

Electricity travels through wires and onto open circuits. They cycle back through to the main panel without interruption. When you plug a device into the wall, the wiring in the device becomes part of the circuit. Thus, the device now has power. The rapid insertion of the appliance into the wall can cause a ‘mini-surge’ that produces a spark. This activity is normal and should not trigger any cause for concern.

A Short Circuit in the Wiring

When excessive heat builds up in an outlet, it can melt insulation that covers the wires. The wires are exposed as the electrical current travels through them. Exposure can lead to electrical surges or fires. A fire starts with a little blue spark. If you have exposed wires or outlets in your system, contact Harrison Electric right away. We’ll send a technician out to either protect the wires or replace them.

Moisture in the Outlet or Wiring

When an outlet or wiring is exposed to water, it will trigger a blue spark. For this reason, we now install ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI receptacles) into walls where moisture is present. You may see GFCI receptacles in your kitchen, bathroom, basement, or laundry room. If you do not see them, we recommend calling us so that we can professionally install GFCI receptacles in these areas.

You Have an Outdated System

Over the years, outlets gradually wear out, and connections will loosen, raising the chance of a short circuit occurring and sparking a fire. Old, frayed appliance cords also can result in an outlet sparking. If your home is more than 30 years old, it may be time for an upgrade in the electrical system. We can perform a full upgrade and bring new life into your electrical wiring.

Electrical Upgrades and Repairs in Minnesota

If you’re noticing blue sparks in your home’s electrical outlets more often than you should, then contact Harrison Electric. We provide complete wiring repairs and upgrades for homeowners in Plymouth, Minnesota and the surrounding Twin Cities metro area.

You can depend on us for fast service, quality work, and competitive rates. Don’t let damaged outlets create a hazard in your home. Call us today to repair the wiring. You can reach us at 763-544-3300, or you can message us at