The weather in Minnesota is cold enough to damage your lighting system. While you and your family are safe inside your home, the lights are battling high winds, ice, snow, and extreme temperatures. So if you have an exterior lighting system, then now is the time to contact an electrician from Harrison Electric. We can give your exterior lights a complete inspection and then make the necessary upgrades to make sure that it is ready for winter. Here’s what we can do for your lights.

Cleaning the Outdoor Lighting

An electrical contractor from Harrison Electric can clean all of the dirt and debris out of the outdoor fixtures. A good cleaning will strengthen the electrical connections so that the lights will last for several more years. A cleaning will also remove all small bugs that have crawled into the fixtures. In the summertime, all types of insects and wasps will harbor around the lights. Winter time is the perfect time to clean the lights and remove all the bugs.   

Replace the Bulbs

Although some of your older bulbs may still be working, newer bulbs are far more energy efficient. They can withstand the rigors of the outside elements so that when you are ready to turn them back on in the spring, they’ll be ready to go. We can also give you advice on choosing the right light bulbs for your lighting system. One option is to go with LED lights. They’re far more durable than regular light bulbs. They also use less energy and can be turned on all year long.

Replace Broken Fixtures

If you have any fixtures on or near the ground, we can fix those as well. Replacing the broken lights will give your yard aesthetic appeal and a sense of completeness. If you have lights along a walkway, they’re valuable at night when guests are walking up to your house. Illumination is especially important when it’s snowing or sleeting outside. Having your lights fixed by a professional is a fast and affordable way to upgrade the lighting system in your yard.

Choose Harrison Electric for Your Lighting Repairs

To find out more about how you can protect your outdoor lighting this winter, contact Harrison Electric at 763-544-3300, or you can message us at We provide complete electrical repair, installation, ceiling fan replacement, and circuit breaker repair. Our team of electricians is licensed and certified for all types of electrical jobs both large and small. Our service extends to home and business owners in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.