Regardless of what is powering your home (electric, gas, solar), a primary system can fail at any moment. When a system failure occurs, both the safety and the comfort of your family are compromised, as well as the potential for other systems to fail and food spoilage.

Below, we outline the benefits of installing an electrical backup system in your home.

Power to Your Entire Home

Unlike a portable generator, a power backup system provides electricity to your entire home. As soon as the power goes out, the backup generator turns on and supplies power to every appliance and device without interruption.

The backup system regenerates its own energy long enough for the primary electrical system to come back on. This feature eliminates the need for gasoline or any other fuel supply. You don’t have to worry about storing fuel or having enough to get through a power outage.

A Better Alternative to a Portable Generator

A portable generator is an inconvenient option for powering up your home during a power outage. You have to locate the unit, pull it out of the garage or shed, fill it up with gasoline, turn it on, and then plug it into two to three devices.

By comparison, an electrical backup system instantly turns on the power. You don't have to assist the unit. It is the most convenient option for keeping the power running in your home.

Zero Power Interruption

A standby generator provides power automatically. You don’t have to be present for your home to maintain power when there’s a power outage. If you’re away on vacation and a power outage occurs, a standby generator can ensure that your sump pump is running, your refrigerator keeps your food from spoiling, and your home security system stays armed.

Within seconds of a utility outage, an automatic transfer switch senses the power loss, commands the generator to start, and transfers the electrical load to the generator. The standby generator supplies power to the circuits.

Electrical Backup Installation

Installing an electrical backup system in your home requires an electrical inspection to determine if your electrical system is adequate for the backup. Once we make any necessary upgrades, we can integrate the unit into your electrical panel.

We configure the unit to work with your electrical wiring design and your panel box so that it works every time the power goes out. Keep in mind; you may have to upgrade an old panel or the wiring in your home if the unit is not compatible with an older system.

Electrical Services in Minneapolis, MN

If you want to keep the power on in your house this winter, then contact Harrison Electric. We can send out a residential electrician to inspect your house’s current electrical system and then integrate a power backup system that is right for your home.

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