Electric SwitchEvery home needs upkeep and maintenance, especially older ones. The electrical switches and outlets are often overlooked. Although any particular outlet may not be important, if it isn’t working it’s likely a sign of a larger problem. Switches usually aren’t replaced when they should be but rather as an afterthought when they stop working altogether. Even if an electric outlet or switch is still working, there are times when you should go ahead and have them replaced.

Modern Standards

In some instances the existing switches and outlets simply aren’t up to code for what is considered adequate and safe. Older outlets may not have a ground plug but only two holes. There are adaptors available for such a problem, but they really don’t provide a proper ground like your outlet should have. With a switch, if you have to jiggle it or flip it on and off a few times for it to work, it has a bad connection and isn’t safe.

Better Quality

Simply put, newer switches and plugs are better quality than old ones and continue to develop and become even better. As long as everything is working you may not need to go out of your way to start making replacements, but when you make remodels or more extensive repairs it’s a good idea to have your electrician go ahead and replace the switches and outlets for the area he’s working in.


Sometimes old outlets get to the point that they show their age. They can develop deep stains that won’t come clean, or perhaps they’ve been painted over the years. Worse yet are chips, scratches and cracks in the outlet or switch. Although these things are typically nothing but an eyesore, they can be a dangerous fire hazard if the damage goes into the structural aspect of the unit.


If you haven’t shopped for electrical outlets and switches lately, you may be surprised at what’s available. Switches that, when turned off, glow in the dark or have a tiny light inside so you can find them and turn on your lights as needed. Outlets can have built in nightlights for your comfort and convenience. Adjustable switches can control more than just the brightness and dimming of lights are available to conserve energy. Both are available in more than the traditional white, brown or black but instead have a variety of finishes.

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