To begin, wiring your own home is always a bad idea. Even if you have a little knowledge and a few tools to do the job, there’s nothing that replaces a certified, experienced electrician. Rewiring your own home can lead to code violations, cancellation of your warranty or insurance policy, and, worse, an electrocution of fire in your home. The bottom line: don’t risk any of the above.

Second, only hire a Minnesota state certified electrician who has proper training and education in residential electrical wiring. If you use your neighbor, a trusted friend, or an unknown electrician, you may suffer the same consequences as completing the project yourself.

Below are some common wiring mistakes that you should avoid. If you notice any of these dangerous wiring mistakes, contact Harrison Electric right away. We can reconfigure your wiring to make it safer for your home.

What are the Main Issues With Hazardous Wiring?

Hazardous wiring problems can affect your home and family in many ways. The most most significant consequences include:

●        Code Violations: You could face stiff penalties or fines for not meeting residential building codes in Minneapolis.

●        Electrocution: If you don’t know what to look for, you could suffer an electrocution.

●        Building Fires: A surge in the circuitry can easily lead to a fire.

●        Home Inspections: If you are buying or selling a house, an adjustor enforce the upgrades before you are allowed to sign the contract.


Fixtures receive upgrades more often than any other electrical components. It seems like every time a new family moves into a home, a homeowner renovates a room, or a fixture becomes outdate, a new fixture replaces it.

Each new fixture, however, requires more power than the last one. The wiring in the home, however, is not equipped to handle the new fixture replacements. So if you have a fixture such as chandelier replaced, you may want a Harrison Electrician to inspect and update the wiring leading to the fixture.

Exposed Junction Box

A junction box houses the connection between two cables. You will recognized the twist-on connectors that brings the wires together. The junction box protects the wiring at the connection to avoid electrocution or a fire. Many times, a homeowner or amateur electrician will leave the box exposed after performing an electrical repair or wiring replacement.

While it may be tempting to cover the box yourself, you can contact a Harrison Electric technician to inspect the box first and make sure all wiring and connections are in good condition. We can then cover the junction box so that it is safe.

Too Few Electrical Outlets

Older homes usually do not supply enough outlets for all the electrical devices and appliances you may use every day.  There’s a reason for this. Forty years ago, there weren’t as many electronics as there are today. Thus there was no need for more outlets.

If you move into a home and discover that there aren’t enough outlets to accommodate all of your devices and appliances, the last thing you want to do is overload the outlets. The circuit overload could start a fire.

Although it may be a hassle, the house probably needs a complete upgrade so that it can handle a more powerful current throughout the system. This means we’ll have to come and replace the wiring, the circuit breaker box, and the outlets. Adding new outlets to older wiring will create a dangerous situation. It’s better to make the investment to upgrade your wiring and components

No Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI)

Although older homes mostly contain regular outlets, homes built within the last 30 years now contain ground fault circuit interrupters. These devices are designed to cut off a circuit if the device sense that there is a circuit overload or if the circuit is coming from an outside source.

Circuit interrupters are installed in areas where water is present such as kitchens, bathrooms, washrooms, garages, and outside areas. Since GFCIs prevent electrocution and fires, it is wise to have them installed in your home. If you need them added, contact us and we can replace your old outlets with GFCI devices.

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