The title, Master Musician, instantly garners respect and trust in the electrician community. When a technician becomes a Master Electrician, it demonstrates their commitment to excellence in all aspects of their work.

Professional who reach the level of Master Electrician have spent years honing their skills as a journeyman and have earned the license as well expertise in nearly all areas of plumbing.

Harrison Electric is proud to hire and work with Master Electricians. We know that when a licensed technician comes to your home, that you will receive the highest level of electrical service from skilled tradesmen who genuinely care about the quality of your plumbing.

Qualifications for a Master Electrician

The electrical entails an endless range of responsibilities and job duties. Thus, a Master Electrician can walk into any scenario in a residential or commercial building, offer solutions, and fix the problem.

Master Electricians are experts in various facets of electrical work including:

●        Wire system installation

●        Circuit design and routing

●        Permit acquisition

●        Team supervision

●        Code compliance

●        Repair, new installations, replacement, and inspection

●        Subcontracting with general contractors in construction projects

Supervision and Leadership

Master Electricians are often placed in positions of leadership due to their extensive knowledge and proven ability maintain a high level of professionalism.

A supervisor may be in charge of several journeymen to accomplish a more extensive project such as building construction or rewiring an entire facility. The Master Electrician will have opportunities to train journeyman and continue the tradition of excellence within the field.

Master Electricians can perform a wide range of supervisory roles. For instance, they may be called on to lead teams, consult with other organizations, or troubleshoot high-level problems that ordinary electricians cannot identify.

There are several issues that an ME must address:

●        Determine the cause of system failures

●        Consult on complex electrical installations or repairs

●        Monitor and evaluation work performed by other electricians

●        Stay current with industry and state regulations within the electrical field

●        Coach other electricians in the field

●        Scale a job and anticipate a building’s future needs

●        The ability to look at building blueprints and install a system according to project specifications.

●        Know all city, state, and national electrical codes

●        Training and Exam Requirements for Master Electricians

Master Electrician Certifications

In the state of Minnesota, an electrician apprentice is required to complete the following to become a journeyman electrician:

●        Between 500 and 1,000 classroom hours

●        Between 8,000 and 10,000 hours of on the job training

●        State and jurisdictional requirements

●        Pass a state competency exam

To qualify to become a Master Electrician, a journeyman must complete the following:

●        4,000 hours additional hours of job experience

●        Work full-time at least two years

●        Pass an examination

A journeyman will be tested on a wide range of knowledge and skills including electrical installation, design, repair, alteration, and construction of electrical systems, related equipment and apparatus, and all applicable codes and regulations.

The applicant must also demonstrate the ability to supervise other electricians on small and large projects. How much leadership or supervision a Master Electrician is allowed to provide depends on his or her ME classification.

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