The more components you add to your pool, the more electrical wiring you will need. While electrical systems are well insulated around pools, wear and tear can cause water to creep into the wiring. When this happens, electrocution can occur.

Harrison Electric offers complete electrical inspections and repairs for your entire electrical system around your pool Call us today for an assessment. We can keep your pool safe all summer long.

What Causes Shock in Swimming Pools?

Many homeowners believe that shock comes from poorly installed lighting. The truth is, however, that most electric shock stems from the following:

●        Improperly installed junction boxes

●        Poorly wired equipment

●        Failure to bond metallic elements

●        Failure to properly ground the wiring or components such as lighting or pumps

In many cases, pool installer and electricians fail to prevent electric shock in swimming pools because they do not thoroughly check the wiring or adhere to residential or commercial swimming pool codes.

What About Pool Lights?

No other pool issue has sparked more debate over the last three years than pool lighting. Is pool lighting safe, and, if so, should pool owners invest in low-voltage lighting or high-voltage lighting?

The answer to the first questions is Yes.

The answer to the second question is, It doesn’t matter.

The reason it doesn’t matter is that the problem is never the lighting. Instead, the real issue is the wiring, the junction box, the power source, etc. If electricians or pool installers take necessary precautions to insulate or secure every component leading to the lights, then electric shock should never be an issue.

The National Electrical Code has instituted numerous safeguards to prevent 120-volt incandescents from emitting current into the water. 120 volts flow from the main power source to a low-voltage transformer, where the power is reduced to the lower levels.

That being said, light manufacturers cannot guarantee that any lights are 100% safe. So it’s up to electricians to ensure the safety of swimmers in pools where pumps or lighting exist.

Electrical Inspections Provide Pool Safety

Although nothing is guaranteed, you can take proactive measures to make your facility safer to swim in.

The first step is to schedule electrical inspections before you open or close the pool. An electrical inspection will accomplish several objectives:

●        A Harrison Electric technician will identify hazardous areas in or around the pool.

●        If the wiring is not properly insulated or protected, the technician can cover the wires.

●        Any exposed wires either in the ground or along the walkway will be covered up to limit access.

●        If the wiring is old or outdated, we can replace the wiring around the pool.

●        We can check lights, pumps, junction boxes, transformers, and power sources to make sure everything is working correctly.

Schedule an Electrical Inspection for Your Swimming Pool

If you live in the Plymouth, Minnesota area and need an electrical inspection, repair, or replacement around your swimming, contact Harrison Electric today. Our certified technicians can keep your pool safe all summer long.

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