If you're looking to create a statement with your dining room lighting, the best way to do this is with a chandelier directly above the dining room table. Below, you will find some tips on purchasing as well as hanging your chandelier. Remember, you should always consult with an electrician here in Minneapolis for the installation.

Purchasing Your Chandelier

Before you purchase the chandelier, you must determine the style of your current décor. Is it traditional? Is it contemporary? Do you want to mix and match styles?

As a general rule, when selecting your piece, you want to be bold and brash. In other words, go big or go home. However, you do need to make sure that you properly measure the space so you can choose the right size chandelier in terms of height and width. The taller your ceiling is, the larger of a chandelier that you need.

Hanging Your Chandelier

It is always recommended that you have a professional electrician take care of the installation and hanging of your chandalier. This is to ensure that it meets local laws and safety codes. However, you may still want to be familiar with some general guidelines, including the following:

  • Make sure that your chandelier is carefully positioned above the middle of a dining room table. For the most attractive and sophisticated look, hang your chandelier roughly two and a half feet above your dining room table.
  • If your chandelier has a globe that is exposed, make sure that you only use low wattage globes. Otherwise, the lighting will be too bright, which will cause excessive heat and the inability to relax and enjoy oneself.
  • Opt for clear globes over frosted globes. This ensures that the maximum light is reflected through the crystal of the chandelier. For a French-style chandelier, this is crucial, as it creates the effect that there are candles in the chandelier.
  • Consider having a dimmer installed, which will help to save on energy costs while also making it easy to change the mood in the room based on the type of dinner you're having.
  • Chandeliers should only be installed by an experienced and licensed electrician to avoid any safety issues and to follow city regulations.

Although this has all focused primarily on a chandelier in the dining room, you could also place a chandelier in the bathroom, bedroom or even stairwell. They can be equally as stunning in any of these places in your home.

If you need help determining the best location, style and size of a chandelier, give us a call. While we are licensed electricians who can install your chandelier, we can always provide some guidance on purchasing and hanging the decorative lighting piece as well.