Electronic devices are very sensitive to power surges. Harrison Electric offers guaranteed power surge protection. We will determine the source of the surge. We will install an appropriate surge protection system, or we will correct the source of the power surge.

Electrical Device Ratings

Every device in your home has an electrical power rating. Most devices are powered by either 120 Volts ac, or 240 Volts ac. A power surge is an increase in voltage level that exceeds the power rating of an electrical circuit.

What is a Surge?

A surge is a very brief overvoltage condition of either positive or negative polarity that appears on an electrical circuit. It can either add to or subtract from the primary voltage waveform. A power surge can often last several voltage cycles.

Surge Sources

Power surges are generally classified into two types:

●        They can be internal, meaning that the source is within the site. Examples of internal sources are:

○        Your air conditioning compressor cycling on and off to satisfy the thermostat.

○        Your heater relay engaging to heat your home.

○        Switching power supplies found in many pieces of equipment in the home.

●        They can also be external, meaning the source is off-site. Some of the most common sources of external surges are:

○        Lightning. Power surges from lightning can be very expensive due to their extremely high voltage levels.

○        Utility grid switchgear can cause surges.

○        When a tree limb falls onto power lines it can cause a power surge.

Electrical Surge Costs

Damage from electrical surges is a leading cause of failure of electrical equipment. According to the National Lightning Safety Institute it is estimated that damages from lightning costs $5‐6 billion dollars per year in the US. Power surges in the US cost residences $825 million according to the Insurance Information Institute in 2016 alone. Since 2007 this has increased 40% due to increased usage of electrical equipment susceptible to surge.

Surge Protection Devices

Surge protection devices are designed to protect electrical devices from voltage surges and spikes. Surge protective devices limit voltage surges in the normal electrical system as power is supplied to an electric or electronic device. This is accomplished by diverting surge current and limiting any unwanted voltages to a level that will not damage the protected equipment. Surge protection devices are a requirement to protect our electrical infrastructure.

Electrical Contractor Services in the Twin City Metro Area

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