In the mid to late 1900s, aluminum replaced copper wire due to pricing. Unfortunately, one of the most common safety hazards found in older homes is aluminum wiring. If you have faulty wiring, a residential contractor will know what options work best in your case. Contact Harrison Electric for an experienced electrician in Twin Cities, Minnesota. We will provide the best electrical wiring solution for your home or business needs.

Reasons for Not Using Aluminum Wiring

Historically, electricians used aluminum wiring to cut costs in building materials between the mid-‘60s and early ‘70s. The price of copper rose due to the Vietnam war, record strikes, and the rise in demand. It’s estimated that nearly two billion homes switched to solid, single strand aluminum wiring in the place of copper. Unfortunately, many accidents occurred due to the unstable nature of aluminum as a metal conductor.

The reason aluminum is not as functional as copper varies from the way it corrodes in the walls  due to poor connection to the outlets. It’s not safe as an electrical conductor, as it is used in old wiring. Our certified electricians will review possible issues with your wiring and make the necessary upgrades from aluminum to a safer wiring material. If your home is completely powered by aluminum wiring, we recommend a full system wiring upgrade.

Problems with Aluminum Wiring

Aluminum is inferior to copper in these ways:

Bimetallic Corrosion and Oxidation. When paired with non-compatible metals, moisture, or oxygen, aluminum deteriorates quicker.

Excessive Rattling During Power Surges. When electricity flows through the wires, the aluminum rattles more and causes the wire to break down and move out of place.

Expansion and Contracting. This metal shrinks and grows more frequently, which causes quicker wear.

Bulkier Wires. Currents do not flow as easily, so wires are more dense and bulky.

Metal Breaks Down and is Malleable. The metal itself breaks down quicker than copper and is easily misshapen or disconnected.

Electrical Wiring Solutions and Alternatives

Although identifying aluminum wires is relatively simply, you need a certified, professional electrician to assess your current system and make the necessary changes. You should refrain from trying to do it yourself, due to  environmental hazards These are normally the two safest methods that we use:

Rewiring with copper. This is generally the most permanent option. It may be more expensive than others, and sometimes impractical.  Always get an estimate!

Copalum crimps. This is the addition of a copper wire to the existing aluminum wire via clamp. This can also be a bit more pricey than temporary fixes, but is very effective.

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