Are the appliances in your home set up to operate efficiently and safely? One of the ways you can tell is if you trip a breaker when you have too many electronic devices running at the same time. This could be a sign that you need an electrical upgrade to one or more dedicated circuits in your home. Harrison Electric Offers dedicated circuit installation if you need a circuit breaker fixed or replaced. Let’s take a closer look at dedicated circuits and how they can benefit your home.

What Are Dedicated Circuits?

Most modern homes have circuits that are strategically placed in various parts of the home. Electrical contractors design the system this way to spread power consumption and eliminate a power surge. When power is evenly distributed through the house, the circuit breakers will work as they should without tripping. Dedicated circuits create a safer more efficient environment inside and outside the home.

Power to Appliances

The equipment in your home that utilizes the most energy are your larger appliances. Dedicated circuits can focus energy on fewer appliances, thereby ensuring that each appliance has adequate electricity. Many modern appliances and equipment require increased energy. The average homeowner also uses more machines in one setting than ever before. Which appliances need the most energy?

●        Refrigerators and freezers

●        Electric stoves and wall ovens

●        Dishwashers, Washers, and dryers

●        Furnaces, heat pumps and central air conditioners

Water Heaters

When smaller appliances are used simultaneously, they can require as much power as a larger appliance. Dedicated circuits work great in areas such as kitchen and bathrooms where multiple appliances are running at the same time. Small appliances that draw a lot of power and may warrant their circuit include:

●        Microwaves

●        Toasters

●        Electric space heaters

●        Window air conditioners

●        Sump pumps

●        Hairdryers

Do You Need Dedicated Circuits?

If you are frustrated that the power in your house is going out when you turn on multiple appliances, you may be a strong candidate for a dedicated circuit. A Harrison Electric contractor can inspect your home to determine what your system needs and then provide a practical solution for helping you achieve those needs. Rerouting wiring systems and dedicating them to specific areas of the house is an easy job and can be performed efficiently.

Harrison Electric Can Bring Your Home Into the Modern Age

No matter how old your house is, Harrison Electric can provide complete electrical installation and system replacement to update your wiring. Our services extend to all homeowners in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area. To schedule an inspection or get a free estimate, contact us at 763-544-3300, or you can message us at We are your premier electrical contractor in East Central Minnesota.