For most parents, childproofing an electrical system includes purchasing a few plastic covers and plugging them into electrical outlets. Some curious children, however, have learned how to break that code and pull the covers off. Thankfully, there are safer options out there. Below, we explore three main types of outlet covers that are available for your home and how we can keep your child safe during their earliest years.

1. Outlet Plugs and Caps

Outlet plugs come in a wide array of sizes and shapes. They’re low-cost solutions that you can take with you when you travel. A child can choke on plugs when he or she can get it out of the wall. Be careful putting new caps in old outlets. They may not hold the plugs, thereby making them accessible. If you find any old outlets that do not hold a plug well, we can replace them with newer, safer outlets or GFCI receptacles. If you use outlet plugs, consider the following:

●        Invest in large caps that a child cannot chew on.

●        Always insert the cap after using the outlet

●        Use plain white, gray, or black caps that are not attractive.

●        Test the plug yourself. If you can’t open it, you’re child probably cannot open it. Some plugs or caps come with an opener.

2. Sliding Outlet Covers

Sliding covers are good options because they automatically close when you pull an electrical plug out of the wall. We can send an electrician out to your house to replace all your current plates with new sliding outlet plates. Sliding outlet covers are better than caps because your child can’t pull them out. There are several benefits to sliding outlet covers:

●        Easy to install and replace

●        Zero access to electrical wiring

●        Cannot be pulled out of the wall

●        A permanent solution that doesn’t sacrifice style or design

3. Box Outlet Covers

Box outlet covers are also available in a variety of sizes to cover almost any type of electrical plug-in or around your house. We install box covers over large appliance adaptors such as stoves or clothes dryers. They’re perfect for appliances or electronic devices that stay plugged in. Features of box outlet cover include:

●        Complete coverage over outlets and adaptors

●        Can be removed if the outlet is needed

●        Great for appliances that stay plugged in

●        Easy to install and easy for adults to remove

Electrical Outlet Safety is First with Harrison Electric

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