Wintertime in Minnesota is the worst time to be without electricity. If you don’t have a generator and you are not prepared for the loss of power, you and your family could be in a bit of trouble. Fortunately, Harrison Electric offers 24/7 emergency residential electrical repair for homes and properties in the Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota areas. While the weather conditions are not always favorable for electrical replacement, there are some things you can do until we arrive. Here are some tips on handling an electrical emergency:

Be Prepared

The number one reason for fatalities during power outages is lack of preparation. Those of us who have lived in the northern winters for a while know what this means. If you have just moved to the area, however, you need to have a backup source for heat if your electrical system fails. Here are some examples:

●        Keep our contact number on your refrigerator and call immediately (if possible) if the power goes out. Don’t wait.

●        Purchase a generator and keep it in the garage during the cold season. Here are some generator power backup services and products we provide.

●        Purchase extra blankets to keep warm. We recommend thermal sleeping bags and clothing.

●        Contact Harrison Electric for an electrical safety inspection to make sure your wiring, outlets, panel, and other components are in excellent shape.

●        Keep supplies in the home such as additional drinking water, flashlights, battery operated window, extra food, candles and matches, baby supplies, first-aid kit, etc.

Leave the Repair to Professional Electricians

Disaster often strikes when homeowners try to undertake electrical repairs. A better solution is to hire a Harrison Electric contractor to make the repairs for you. Our certified and trained technicians can handle any electrical repair job safely and efficiently. We have the equipment and knowledge necessary to get the job done right the first time. We can keep your family safe this winter.

Move to the Warmest Location in the House

Which room in your home seems to be the warmest throughout the day? If the home is well-insulated, it can retain heat at night. Find the place where the most sunlight comes through the windows. Make the sure the windows are sealed off and open up the shades so that the most sunshine can penetrate through. Close the door to that room and stay in it until we arrive.

Harrison Electric Is Here to Restore Your Electricity

Don’t let a power-outage during the winter keep you from taking quick action. Call Harrison Electric at 763-544-3300, or you can message us at We specialize in electrical repairs, electrical wiring replacement, and we can help you if you need a need a circuit breaker fixed. We service all residential properties in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.