When the temperature outside is below freezing, the last thing you want is for the power to go out in your home. Fortunately, an electrical backup system will keep that from happening. What is a backup system? We answer that question below.

Power to Your Entire Home

An electrical backup system gives you the power you need to supply electricity to every receptacle in your home. Thus, when the primary system shuts down the backup system kicks in, the electrical current keeps flowing. Unlike small generators that can only provide electricity for two to three small appliances, a backup system can keep the current flowing to every appliance and device no matter how large.

Self-Powered Generators

A home power backup system is essentially a generator. Like all other generators, it supplies power to the home when the electricity goes out. Our backup system, goes one step further, however, by regenerating its own energy long enough for the primary electrical system to come back on. This feature eliminates the need for gasoline or any other fuel supply. You don’t have to worry about storing fuel or having enough to get through a power outage.

Say Goodbye to Portable Generators

Like any standby generator, an electrical backup system is stationary. It’s not a portable generator, so it does not need to be pulled out of the garage, fueled up, and connected to an appliance. We integrate the backup directly into your primary system and then securely install close to the outside of your home. The backup is protected from the outside elements including rain, sunlight, and extreme temperatures.

Instant Power When You Need It

An electrical contractor from Harrison Electric can provide you with all the power you need so that there is no interruption in electrical flow. The system is designed to turn on instantly once it senses that the electrical flow has been interrupted. You can also choose to turn it on manually. In either case, you’ll have plenty of power for as long as you need it.

Harrison Electric Can Install Your Power Backup System

If you want to keep the power on in your house this winter, then contact Harrison Electric. We can send out a residential electrician to inspect your house’s current electrical system and then integrate a power backup system that is right for your home. Call us today at 763-544-3300 and ask for a free estimate. We are your electricity experts in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.