Are you tired of your electrical outlets shorting out? Then it’s time for you to get some upgrades. Harrison Electric offers five solutions for updating the electrical outlets in your home. Let’s take a closer look at each upgrade and how it benefits your entire electrical system.

Christmas Outlets

We install Christmas outlets on the outside of the house. The eave of the roof is the best location because it’s dry and can’t be damaged by snow or rain. Outlets need to have the capacity to handle large-scale equipment. Thus, using them for Christmas lights is a safer option than standard wall outlets. We recommend investing in outlets with timers. This way you can leave and come home to your house lit up with lights.

Floor and Ceiling Outlets

Have you ever had to lay an extension cord across the floor to power an item in the middle of the room? The solution is to install a floor outlet for easier access without all the cords. Ceiling fixtures may require an outlet from time to time as well. We can custom install any type of outlet you are looking for and strategically place them anywhere on your ceiling or floor.

Hidden Outlets

Some outlets need to be covered when not in use. This keeps the outlet from getting damaged and keeps it safe from kids or pets. We can install outlets into the wall and keep them out of sight from anyone in the room. A hidden outlet is both safe and makes any area more attractive and less mechanical-looking.

GFCI Outlets

If you own an older home, you may find that the outlets in the kitchen and bathroom are the same as the other outlets throughout the house. If so, you need to upgrade to GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlets. A GFCI is a device that shuts off the flow of electricity when it senses that the electrical circuit is flowing through another path such as a human or water. It was designed to reduce or eliminate the possibility of electrocution. GFCI outlets are useful in rooms where water is present. We can install them in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, or outside.

Tamper Resistant Receptacles

If you have children in your home, then TRR outlets are a must. Tamper resistant receptacles feature a barrier that keeps small children or pets from sticking any object into the opening. This keeps them from becoming electrocuted or damaging the outlet. You never have to worry about the threat of electrical shock again.

Complete Outlet Installation Service from Harrison Electric

When you are ready to update all the outlets in your home, then contact Harrison Electric. We provide electrical installation, repairs, and ongoing maintenance for all residential properties in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. Call us today at 763-544-3300 and get a free estimate for installation.