Winter in Minnesota can wreak havoc on your electrical systems. But you can prepare your wiring and other components by hiring a Harrison Electric technician to come out and perform a complete inspection on your home as well as make the necessary upgrades. Below is shortlist of repairs and upgrades that we can make to ensure your home is weather-proof.

The Lighting

A good place to start is the lighting system in every room. With the time change comes less daylight outside. This means you will be spending more time indoors. We can help you through the season by repairing or upgrading all light fixtures both inside and outside your property. We can also give you a recommendation on how to save on electricity by switching to energy-efficient bulbs.

The Heating System

Your furnace or other heating system requires a complex system of wiring and panels to keep it operating throughout the winter season. If you have an older system, you may need some upgrades to bring it up to date and ensure that it is performing at peak capacity during the cold nights when you need it the most. A Harrison Electric technicians can perform a point-by-point assessment to determine where the weak points are in the wiring and other components and then install new parts.

Main Panels

The hub of all electrical current is often the most overlooked component in the entire system...and, yet, it’s the most important. Some main panels are outside the house; thus, they are vulnerable to high winds, blizzards, and below-freezing temperatures. Harrison Electric can reinforce your main panels, change out all the old fuses, and tighten all connections, as well as keep the panel from being overloaded during peak energy usage periods.

Get A Safety Inspection

The cold months are the perfect time to get your entire electrical system inspected for possible code violations and safety issues. Faulty wiring, weak electrical outlets, and damaged fixtures can all cause fires when your family least expects it. Our comprehensive inspection service covers every part of your wiring network throughout the entire house. If there is a safety issue, we’ll find it.

Whatever you do, don’t allow your electrical wiring to keep your family from being safe and warm this winter season. Call a Harrison Electric technician at 763-544-3300 and schedule an inspection, repair, or full replacement of the system in your home. We are on call 24-hours a day for both residential and commercial properties in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area!