Most homeowners in Minnesota rarely think about residential city and state building codes. They’re usually faced with this reality, however, when trying to sell a home or when a disaster such as a fire occurs. Harrison Electric is a certified and Minnesota-licensed electrical contractor that has the training and knowledge to help you bring your home up to code and keep you from incurring stiff fines or, worse, suffering from a fire or other disaster. Below is a summary of how we can help you ensure that your home is code-compliant.

What are the Most Common Code Violations?

We have serviced hundreds of homes in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area. We have observed common code violations that can cause a variety problems for homeowners like you. Some of the most common violations include:

●        Main Panels. Hands down the most common code violation, we have seen some pretty crazy things that homeowners do with their panels. We look for items such as mixed wires and line voltages, too many wires and crowded holes, and overcrowded switches. We then make the necessary adjustments and re-align the panel.

●        Smoke Alarms. When was the last time you’ve tested your smoke alarm? Harrison Electric can perform smoke alarm tests including checking the wiring throughout the system. We can look through the house and make suggestions on where you should install new alarms. Remember, if you have no alarms or no functioning alarms in the house, then you are in code violation.

●        Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs). There is a significant different between standard electrical outlets and and GFCI outlets. Harrison Electric looks for GFCIs in areas where they are required such as bathrooms, kitchens, and outside around the house. We can remove your outdated plugins and install GFCI outlets to bring your building up to code. We can also make them readily accessible in areas where there would otherwise be hidden.

●        Bonding. Many homeowners equate grounding with bonding. They’re not the same, however, and not knowing the difference could cause electrocution. We can inspect items such as phone lines, gas piping systems, or coaxial cables to make sure they are properly bonded to each other. This way the voltage is equalized from one conductive system to the other.

Trust Harrison Electric with Your Code Compliance

At Harrison Electric we are dedicated to making your home a safe place to life. Our skilled technicians can evaluate your entire electrical system and bring your entire house up to Minneapolis city and Minnesota state residential building codes. Call us today at 763-544-3300 and schedule your next electrical wiring evaluation.