Some types of electrical wiring should no longer be used. There are several reasons for this, but it mainly comes down to two: efficiency and safety. If the wiring in the home is no longer efficient, then you may see an increase in your energy bill each month. If the wiring is no longer safe, then you could be looking a fire that will bring your building to the ground. The question, then, is what type of wiring are no longer safe for your home? To answer the question, let’s find out more below.

Knob & Tube Wiring

At the top of the least-wanted list is knob & tube wiring. This revolutionary form of powering homes came into existence in the 1880’s, but has long since been replaced by other wiring material. Although a Harrison Electric technician can repair knob & tube wiring, we recommend that you replace it all together. It can no longer handle the demands of modern devices and appliances.

Aluminum Wiring

Most experts agree that aluminum wiring is not ideal for either residential or commercial properties. Aluminum expands with heat and then contracts once it cools off. This creates loose connections, which are a fire hazard. These loose connections are especially dangerous when you plug lighting or appliances into the wall. Our electricians suggest replacing aluminum wiring as soon as possible to avoid fires.

What is the Best Alternative?

Harrison Electric contractors routinely use copper wiring to replace knob & tube and aluminum wiring. There are several reasons for this. Copper wiring has a far superior durability, as it can last several decades without the need for replacement. Copper metal has the highest energy-efficiency of any of type of material. It is safe to use in the home and can handle a heavy current. We use copper in almost every application due to its amazing flexibility.

Harrison Electric Can Replace Your Home’s Old Wiring

In addition to safety and efficiency, replacing the wiring in your home can also improve its market value by up to 15%. In many cases, knob & tube or aluminum wiring may keep you from being able to sell your home once it's inspected.

The best way to tell if you need new electrical wiring installation is to contact a Harrison Electric technician. We can perform a comprehensive inspection of your system and then make the necessary upgrades or repairs. We offer complete wiring replacement as well as repair and brand new home installation. We are Minnesota licensed and certified, and our entire team of electricians are highly trained to perform all jobs large and small in the Plymouth, Minnesota area. Call us today at 763-544-3300. We can help you with your upcoming electrical wiring project from start to finish!