Since the electrical wiring in your home is (or should be) hidden behind drywall and insulation, it’s not always easy to tell if there is a weak component in the system that could cause a fire. So if you can’t see the problems, then how do you know they are there? Below are five ways you can tell if there is an electrical problem, and what you should do about it.

Too Many Plugs in One Outlet

Some rooms designs were not created to accommodate multiple electronic devices. Unfortunately, many homeowners compensate by plugging several devices into the same outlet via 1-3 power strips. Although newer homes can handle this type of overload, homes with wiring systems that are more than 30 years old may not be able to sustain that much power being drawn out of the wires. A better option is to have a Harrison Electric technician repair or replace the wiring or fit the room with an additional outlet so that the current is spread out.

That ‘Electrical Fire’ Smell

The ‘electrical fire’ smell is never good. It doesn’t always mean that your home or family are in immediate danger. It can mean, however, that the wiring has now become an electrical hazard. If you smell burning wire, it’s probably due to a failure in the electrical panel, a surge in power, or a bad connection in the electrical outlets. Regardless of the reason, wiring that is extremely hot needs to be inspected and repaired or replaced by one of our certified electricians.

Sudden Power Outages

If the power keeps going out in your home for no apparent reason, then it’s a sign that the panel is not properly controlling the current. This can lead to a wide range of problems such as blown fuses, overheating, or blown appliances and devices, or fires in the walls. Harrison Electric has both the tools and the training necessary to inspect your electric panel and find out where the problem is. If you have an older panel, you’ll simply need to install a new one.

Old Wiring

It has been demonstrated that almost any wiring can last nearly a century. But that doesn’t mean it should. Have you recently bought a beautiful vintage home only to find out that the knob & tube or aluminum wiring needed to go? At one time both of these wire types set the standard. Times have changed, however, and neither can handle the demands of today’s electronic devices and appliances. Unless you’re planning to play that old 1932 radio (and only that 1932 radio), you’ll want to consider a complete system overhaul. Harrison Electric specialists can pull the old electric components completely out of your house and revamp it with brand new modern wiring.

Think Your Home is a Hazard? Contact Harrison Electric

If you’ve recently moved into a home and you suspect that the wiring may need some upgrades, then contact Harrison Electric. We can perform a thorough inspection of your entire wiring system and make the necessary upgrades both inside and outside you home. We also provide complete system installation, ongoing maintenance, and full repairs for both residential and commercial properties in Plymouth, Minnesota and the surrounding area. Call us today at 763-544-3300. You’ll be glad you did!