Although a lot of people know what surge protection is, some people don't have the slightest clue. This article will explain what surge protection is and help you understand why it's important.

What Exactly Is Surge Protection?

Surge protection is what protects your electronic devices and appliances from spikes in electrical voltage. A surge protector will basically limit the amount of electric voltage that is allowed to reach the electronic device or appliance by blocking or grounding unwanted voltages.

Different Types of Surge Protectors

Surge protectors come in two different forms. You are probably pretty familiar with a power strip surge protector, but there is another popular type of surge protector that is designed for your circuit breaker panel. When selecting a surge protector, make sure that you chose a higher level of joules. This is because you have more protection as you enter the higher numbers of joules.

Benefits of Surge Protection

When it come to surge protection, there are an abundance of benefits, including the following:

Additional Outlets – First off, if you use a power strip surge protector, you are provided with a number of additional outlets that you can use to plug in more devices and/or appliances into a single outlet. Saves Energy – Also with the power strip, you can save on energy usage. This is because there is an on/off switch on the power strip that allows you to switch off all plugged-in devices so that they are pulling electricity when they are not being used. Protects Devices – If there is a major storm in the area, then a surge protector (for the circuit or the power strip type) can help keep plugged-in devices and appliances from shorting out should there be an excessive amount of voltage being transmitted or a power surge, such as from a lightning strike. Increased Warranties – As a general rule, if you have your electronic items plugged into a surge protector and they are damaged despite the protection that the surge protector should have offered, your device or appliance will typically be replaced.

Full-Home Protection – If you have a surge protector on your circuit breaker panel, then you are protecting your entire home from lightning strikes. This is particularly important if you live in area where there are a lot of storms, but can come in handy even when you live in an area that doesn't see storms often.

Does an Electrician Need to Install a Surge Protector?

If you're using a power strip, then you can easily and safely install this yourself. All you have to do is plug it into the outlet on the wall. However, if you're installing a professional-grade surge protector that is protecting your entire home, then a licensed and qualified electrician is a good idea for quality and safety reasons.

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