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Service Upgrades Code

Breaker box damage and service upgrades are problems that need a professional electrician to fix. Sometimes storm damage will cause breaker box damages to occur. Other times the breaker box is just so old that it needs to be upgraded to current standards. A circuit breaker install is a good way to decrease the risk of fire or home damage. It may even save you money on your house insurance.

Fuse Box to Breaker Box:

Fuse boxes were installed during the 1950's when home demand for electricity was primarily for lighting. If you have a home that still has a fuse box consider upgrading the unit to a breaker box. Switching from fuses to breakers is not a huge ordeal. The project can be completed in less than a day by a qualified electrician.

Things to be Aware of:

If your house still has a fuse box, there is a good chance that the wiring in your home may also need to be replaced. Some older homes have aluminum wiring instead of copper wiring. In really bad situations you may even find positive and negative wires running side by side of each other. Those need to be replaced as soon as possible.

Electrical Circuit Breaker

At the same time, you have a circuit breaker install, consider having two-pronged outlets upgraded to three-prong and grounded outlets. It is not a difficult process, and it will allow you to plug modern appliances and electronics into more spots. Upgrading your home from fuses to breakers is not only a good way to increase home safety, but it may actually lower your home insurance costs. Breakers are safer than fuses.

How do you know if your breaker box needs to be fixed?

Frequently tripped breakers can be a symptom of many problems. It may be that the breaker is just old and needs to be replaced. It may also be a sign of an electrical problem in the home that is not presenting properly. Fix: Have an electrician inspect the breaker.
The Breaker Seems Lose: This sometimes happens when a breaker is worn out or if the unit has been installed incorrectly. A lose breaker can be a major problem. Fix: Have an estimate done about replacing the breaker box or fixing the loose breakers.
Structural Damage: Sometimes a breaker box has become warped. Either through storm damage such as a tree falling on it or from other reasons. A breaker box should be weather proof. Water and electricity do not mix. If your breaker is located outside and rain or moisture can get inside the box, then the box needs to be replaced. 

If you need to have your breaker box inspected or upgraded, call Harrison Electric. We have been serving the Minneapolis area for the past 29 years. Our dedication to quality craftsmanship and integrity have helped our business continue to grow. We offer a full range of services for all of your electrical needs. We make the process of electrical repair easy and affordable. We offer onsite estimates and happily will help you with a detailed inspection. Call us for all of your electrical repairs.

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