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plymouth Home Rewiring

Home electrical wiring should be upgraded anytime your home experiences repeated breaker trips, blown fuses, or inconsistent electrical flow such as seen with dimming lights. If you have recently bought an older home and you are not sure if the wiring has been updated then have a licensed electrician come out and investigate the wiring.Electrical Wiring

Things to look for when your home needs rewiring:

Fuses: Fuse boxes are sometimes accompanied by aluminum wire. Today we use copper wire with quality insulation around it compared to the wiring we used 60 years ago. If this is your house, get the wiring checked by a residential electrician to see if you need an upgrade. The newer electrical boxes also use breakers which don't require replacement when they are tripped. It may not be a bad idea to replace the entire box too.

Dimming or Flickering Lights: Dimming lights or lights that flicker are a sign of inconsistent electrical flow. This is a major safety problem that should be checked out immediately. The problem may be in the wiring itself, or it may be in any of the connections between the breaker box and the fixture. Dangers include electrical fire, electrocution, or severe shock. A simple first step is a home wiring inspection. If needed, have the faulty wiring replaced.

Tingling Sensations from Walls, Appliances or Outlets:

When you touch the wall, appliance or outlet, and you feel a tingling sensation you are actually feeling bleed-off electricity that has bypassed the ground and entered the surrounding area. This can lead to shock or electrocution, or even a fire if it is not corrected immediately. The fist thing to do is to cut the power to that section of your home and call a residential electrician. Explain to them about the tingling sensation and ask them to come investigate the cause. It may be a simple electrical repair such as fixing an outlet. It may be that the fuse box is faulty and needs to be replaced. It is much better to live safely then to risk electrocution or electrical fire.

Burning Smells: Burning electrical smells are never good. Try to identify where the smell is coming from and have an electrician come and investigate the cause. It may be simple, or it may be complex. It is, however, a safety issue that needs to be addressed quickly.

Why choose Harrison Electric?

A home electrician is also the person to call when you want to upgrade fixtures or add outdoor power sources. Harrison Electric is a professional company that can help to update home wiring and investigate faulty electrical issues. Don't wait. The dangers when dealing with electrical damage are severe, even life threatening. You can save money on home insurance by upgrading your home wiring. Overall, there are a lot of reasons to call Harrison Electric. We are a professional company that performs all work to meet local building codes. Call us today for an estimate or to have one of our professionals investigate a potential hazard.

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