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Electrical Outlet replacement minneapolis

Electrical Outlet Older homes often have home electrical outlets that are out of date. Any time you see a two-pronged outlet it needs to be replaced. Outlets that are not correctly installed or that are older can pose serious hazards. It is a simple act to have suspect outlets inspected by a home electrician. Harrison Electric employs professional electricians whose work is always to local building code standards.

Replacing Old Outlets: Old outlets often need to be replaced because they are not up to building codes or sometimes for insurance reasons. Mostly, these are two pronged outlets that need to be converted to three pronged outlets with a ground. Modern plugs have three prongs for a reason. The third prong is a ground to help keep electrical outlets and appliances safe.

Installing New Outlets: Sometimes you have to wonder what builders were thinking when they installed outlets in what can only be described as the wrong spot. We make the process of installing new outlets simple and affordable. Whether you want an existing outlet moved to a better location or if you want a brand new outlet installed, we can help. We have the tools and the skill to run new wire and install any number of new outlets wherever you wish them to be.

Christmas Light Outlets: Each year we receive a number of requests to install Christmas light outlets. Sometimes those are for indoor use and sometimes those requests involve installing outdoor outlets. We install outdoor outlets that are weather proof and safe to use during all kinds of weather. Outdoor outlets are also helpful to those who use power equipment to maintain their landscaping. These include outlets along hedges or near the home to use with leaf blowers, lawn mowers and other power equipment such as power washers. Adding an outdoor outlet can make outdoor chores easier to handle. We make the process of adding an outlet to the outdoors easy and affordable.

Ceiling and Hidden Outlets: We can install new and hidden outlets in floors or your ceiling. If you have a special need outlet but do not want the outlet to be obvious, we can help with that too. We can install special outlets throughout your home. Special outlets are sometimes designated as emergency outlets. They may offer electrical service, via a generator when your main power has gone out. These kinds of outlets are perfect for appliances such as your refrigerator. We can also help by installing generators that are easy to use and designed for emergency usage such as during major storms.

Harrison Electric has been serving the Minneapolis area for the past 29 years. We offer honest deals and work that is guaranteed. All of the work we perform meets or exceeds local building codes. We provide service to the Minneapolis suburbs of Coon Rapids, Anoka, Maple Grove, Corcoran, Medina, Minnetonka, Eden Prairie, Bloomington, Edina, Minneapolis, New Brighton, Roseville, Brooklyn Park and Richfield. We are happy to provide in-home estimates for all electrical repair jobs. If you have an electrical issue that needs to be inspected, just call us.
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