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Storm Damage Restoration Minneapolis

A study of home damages following a lightening strike has shown that the average repair for damages has risen sharply over the last decade. While it may be an easy conclusion to assume that there have been more home lightning strikes, the reality is that the number of lightning strikes to hit home has remained pretty consistent. What is causing an increase in costs? The increased costs are coming from more big ticket electronic devices such as computers, mobile devices, complex home entertainment systems and big screen TVs in the home. One major lightening strike can wipe out thousands and thousands of dollars worth of electronic equipment. How do you protect against lightning and storm damage to your home? The answer may surprise you.

Lighting Storm Lightning Rod and Lightning Protection Systems:

Annually, the cost of lightning strikes to homes and businesses totals more than $1 billion. A lightning protection system can help reduce the damage that your home or business incurs when it is struck by lightning. Some insurance carriers are beginning to require lightning protection systems be installed before they will offer storm protection.

What is a lightning protection system?

The idea began with Benjamin Franklin and the lightning rod. A lightning protection system is the modern version of a lightning rod. It is a comprehensive system that channels lightning based energy through a lightning rod or air terminal to a network of conductor cables that channel the energy to grounding rods. Without a system in place, the energy from lightning would travel through the wiring system of your home and cause massive damage to electronic components or even cause a fire. These systems are in place to protect against home surge damage when lightning strikes occur. They do not actively attract lighting. These are complex systems that work in conjunction with other systems in your home to protect against home surge damage and lighting electrical damage.

Storm Damage and Tree Falls:

Electrical damage occurs when a tree falls during a storm either taking down power lines or damaging the power lines or utility box that houses all of your breakers. A certified electrician will be needed to repair damage to your breaker box. Tree falls are common during many types of storms, whether lightning is present or not. Heavy rains and wind combine to create tree fall hazards.

What happens when lightning strikes your home?

The biggest event is the massive lightening electrical damage that is transferred from the lightning strike to your home. This is a situation that is severe enough to cause structural damage. The lightning may travel backwards through your electrical wiring, or it may jump to other metal objects such as water pipes. It is not uncommon for the heat and intensity of a lightning strike to cause structure fires. In severe cases, bolts of energy can erupt out of outlets harming or even killing people who are in the room. Electricity wants to find a ground. It will travel through a human to find a ground. In the process of finding a ground, the electrical energy from the strike will travel through all wiring and destroy electronic equipment resulting in home surge damage.

If you have questions about how to protect your home during a storm, just call Harrison Electric and let one of our professionals answer your questions.

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